Experienced audio insiders will stare at the two graphs above in bewilderment.  This measurement (made by member JP) details the plasma units phase and frequency responses from 1 kHz to 20 kHz.

Suffice to say this is likely the best speaker measurement you will see during your lifetime.  The linearity of both is staggeringly impressive.

Emotionally the Plasamatronic 1A is an interesting experience.  After such an initial build up, one’s first reaction is it sounds just like any other speaker other than the sound is coming from a flame.

Ten minutes in you “get over” the technology and start to seriously listen to the speaker.  The experience is someone detractive in the sense that nothing sounds wrong.  There is no exaggeration of anything, nor nothing lacking.

Twenty minutes in you start to understand what makes this speaker so special.  Every instrument sounds just right.  We’ve become so used to the flaws in other speakers we tend to listen around them and ultimately make excuses for them.

No crossover points in the middle of the speech articulation bandwidth.  No constrained volume.  No thin bass.  No phase discontinuities in the high end.

You just sit there in a stunned rapture, realizing you’re one giant step closer to audio nirvana, with a high frequency response that exceeds both your ears and the majority of audio instrumentation.   The Hills are an ideal way to evaluate higher resolution digital audio tracks with greater than CD resolution (16 bit, 44.1 kHz sampling).     We have listened to a variety ranging up to 24 bit/192 k resolution and they sound stunning.

I’ve never driven a well sorted Ferrari at speed on the Autostrada, nor drank a thousand dollar glass of champagne.  But I have had the love of a beautiful woman and listened to the Hill Plasmatronics 1A.   That’s more than enough.













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